About Us


Rosebank Progress Private College is the result of a merger between two of Cape Town’s leading private education institutions, Rosebank House Damelin College and Progress College.

Progress College is the oldest private college in Cape Town, with its preserved charm and picturesque courtyard, opened its doors in 1964.

Under its new name, with more than 75 years of combined academic excellence, Rosebank Progress Private College offers students a quality, private education at a reasonable cost.

Extra non-conventional Subjects

The college offers all the usual subjects offered at state schools as well as a wide range of extra, non-conventional subjects with the aim of developing students’ minds to their full potential. These subjects include Computer Application & Technology, Tourism, French, Portuguese and also Design & Visual Art in an exciting and innovative Art department.

At Rosebank Progress College, we provide a secure, positive and happy environment where students experience sensitivity towards others from different nationalities, a sense of belonging and ultimately academic success.

Our Aim

We aim to foster self-confidence, self-discipline, integrity, inspiration and courage and to also enhance communication skills, encourage teamwork and embrace creativity. As a forward-thinking college, we educate beyond the curricula promoting an open-minded and outward-looking mentality and supports the child’s ambition in and out of the classroom by broadening their interests and developing their personal qualities.

Small Classes & Dedicated Teachers

With small classes accommodating no more than 20 students, individual attention is almost guaranteed. An important aspect of the college is that students are treated as young adults and are respected by their educators and peers. Identifying the importance of developing these minds at this “in between” age, the college has always placed significance on assisting the pupils in their journey from teenagers to the adults they become when they graduate. We have educators who are caring, highly qualified, highly experienced, dedicated and passionate about teaching.

High Pass Rate

The high matric pass rate at Rosebank Progress Private College speaks volumes. The college usually experiences close to 100% pass rate and an exceptionally high number of distinctions every year. Another aspect that sets it apart from other institutions is the strong Maths, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences and Economics pass rate.

An outstanding example of the type of education received at the college is Nelly Thoithi who graduated from Grade 12 with 8 distinctions and Sheila Kirika who scored above 90% in all her subjects.

Our students have direct contact with our school career counsellor and private assistance identifying and addressing learning, social and emotional development needs.

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Nuturing our students’ capability to their full potential is our number one priority

Geoff Samson ( Director)

Staying true to our aim of offering quality education in a happy, caring environment, Rosebank Progress Private College is unquestionably the bridge to South Africa’s top universities

Harold Idesis (Director)